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The GRAMI Team with students in the Career Day - Siha zone.

By, Hamad Rashid

Girls Livelihood and Mentor Initiative (GLAMI), a non-governmental organization from Tanzania has succeeded in helping (777) female students from the Kilimanjaro Region to identify their professions before reaching universities, through the KISA Project aims to promote the professions of female students, self-awareness and build them to be future leaders.

However, the Career Day Exhibition Program brought together 211 Sixth Form students, from three Siha District schools: Nuru Secondary, Magadini Secondary, and Oshara Secondary. The ceremony was held at Nuru Secondary School, the executive director of GLAMI Anande Nnko, when she was interviewed by Tanzania Kids Time at Nuru Secondary School, said that Career Day is important for female students for their future lives and society.

Anande Nnko said "The importance of the Career Day in terms of the KISA program is to be able to help the scholars to identify which profession they want to achieve, but also to bring these scholars together with professionals in the relevant Sector or Field, the main thing is that we want the scholars to recognize herself and be able to know that this is the Dream which he wants to achieve, as well as giving him the right answers to what he needs to do. If we look at the United Nations Sustainable Development and Kisa Project, our program mainly looks at quality education and Gender Equality to ensure that students realize what the challenges are but through that profession, they can come directly to help their communities in the future.''

Anande Nnko: The Executive Director of GLAMI.

One of the Sixth Form students at Magadini Secondary School who is a beneficiary of the KISA Project, Deborah Henga, told Tanzania Kids Time about her dreams after doing the exhibition of her favorite profession saying,

"I have decided to choose the profession of Social Welfare because there are many problems that are affecting Society, for example, children are subjected to many cruel acts, there is divorce, and there are women who are beaten, so I decided to become a Person of Social Welfare so that I can solve the problems that exist in my Society. Then also researched I did to know that this profession is suitable after I discovered that there are many problems in Society, I said let me be social welfare, I also researched social networks like YouTube, watching TV and I went to ask those people who usually know about social welfare they explained what they do and then I got the correct answers.''

Deborah Henga: Student at Magadini Sec. School.

Another Student is Rachel Jackson and she said "The KISA Program has managed to make me realize that I want to be a lawyer, because many women are oppressed in our society, and also the issue of inheritance, has become a problem in our country, it brings conflicts and quarrels between families. That is what has made me until today, I became interested in becoming a lawyer due to the fact that GLAMI brought in professionals who were able to help me discover the work that I will do in my future life, including lawyers, as I also like to be a lawyer."

Scholastica Mauki the Programs Mentor of the GLAMI organization said that the female students who participated in the Career Day showed a great ability to explain their Professions, but they also became creative in presenting using the pictures and tools they made.

"Our Career Day involves (777) students in 13 schools in the Fifth and Sixth Forms students, something that I have seen as a program mentor is that the students have been able to show creativity, they have used very common tools, such as paper, they have made hearts through paperwork, i.e., they have become more creative and our expectation as GLAMI is that when they go to universities they should study the professions they chose themselves but also become good leaders'' said Scholastica Mauki.

Also, the acting Principal of Nuru Secondary School, Sir Anicet Benedict said the KISA Program is very productive for students.

"I see the KISA Program as having great importance for students, it motivates the students and builds their capacity, they even get the desire to study some subjects and through this, Career Day shows them what they will do in the future when they finish Universities, as it motivates them to continue studying for hard work so that they can achieve their goals'' said Sir Anicet Benedict.

Sir Anicet Benedict: the Acting Principal of Nuru Sec. School.



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